Get to Know Us

What is a Cannaration?

Cannabis + Decoration= Cannaration! Decorative yet functional drinking glasses for your favorite person. We use live cannabis leaves from award winning DC home growers to create this one of a kind novelty item like stemless wine glasses. Cannarations can be used to spark the conversation about home grow legalization across the nation! 

Why Home grow?

At the end of the day your medicine comes from a plant. A simple yet delicate plant that can be cultivated anywhere with the proper tools and knowledge. In most legal states you only have one "secure" place to get your medicine, state ran dispensaries! At Cannaration's we believe everyone should have the right to grow this plant and provide the necessary medicines needed to help them get through life! Our unique drinking glasses help spark that conversation

How can I help?

A portion of the proceeds from every Cannaration sale fund the #growithLisa community project. That project is where advocacy and education around home grow laws and regulations live! By purchasing a Cannaration today you help secure just home grow laws for all in the future.  


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